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Important Notice: Sun Valley Village is a non-profit property association whereby members have title to their mobile lot properties. Ownership in Sun Valley Village is subject to the Association Covenants and By-laws, which are provided elsewhere on the website. In part, said Covenants & By-laws require that owner must be 55 years of age or older and no children under 18. Board approval is required for prospective renters & proof of age must be provided.  All lots are titled property to the homeowner and subject to property taxes. There are no pad rental fees, only modest common amenity dues. We pay realty taxes to the City of Harlingen &/or Cameron County and modest assessments for common costs and upkeep. All residents are bound by the Covenants & By-laws which are filed with the State and available to all residents. Our park comprises 113 mobile home sites for both permanent and seasonal residents. We also have 1 rental apartment available. The village runs numerous fund-raising initiatives to defray our operating costs & overhead. All residents are encouraged, and expected, to participate and contribute to the  operation of the park.

The Association provides contact information on this page strictly as a service to property owners. The Association is not a party to  any purchase/sale transaction and anyone interested must contact the property owner direct at the number provided below. Anyone wishing further information about the village, properties for sale or references/information on rentals, should contact the office manager or Board member.

The listing below are units whose owners have asked that their properties be listed on the website. 

* The Association is not party to any rental contract negotiated between unit owner & tenant. The Association makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the condition nor adequacy of the rental unit.  It is the prospective tenant responsibility to inspect the unit prior to consummating any rental agreement. 

for rent *:

25324 Goldenrod Ln       956 534-6995       

25327 Goldenrod Ln       705 522-7995        Rented

25330 Goldenrod Ln       956 534-6995

25341 Goldenrod Ln       807 626-3881

25355 Goldenrod Ln       807 628-5644        

25478 Goldenrod Ln       956 423-7720 / 574 353-1176       

25330 Altas Palmas Dr   817 683-8263         

25354 Altas Palmas Dr   928 377-6907          Rented

25420 Altas Palmas Dr   956 226-9267 / 956 536-0887         Rented

25464 Altas Palmas Dr   956 577-6290 / 303 475-0631         Rented

15787 Orange Dr            807 229-6159      

15785 Palm Tree Dr       402 488-6902        Rented

Apartment.       Contact the assoc. -  (956) 622-3151
                        Available on a daily/weekly/monthly* basis

                        (discount available for long-term booking)

for sale:                           

25324 Goldenrod Ln       956 577-6290

25478 Goldenrod Ln       574 353-1176

25508 Goldenrod Ln       519 386-3623

25486 Altas Palmas         956 236-2274         $49,900.00

15702 Orange Dr            807 344-6297

15703 Orange Dr            note 3                      $45,000.00        

15689 Palm Tree Dr        note 1                      $35,000.00

15738 Palm Tree Dr        note 2                      $27,500.00








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