• The new Board for 2021 is as follows:
    Tony Tribalski       President              574 549-2430
  • Mike Green          Vice president       210 216-9739
    Lee Guyer            Treasurer              317 502-2850
    John Culhane       Secretary              715-441-4077
    Dave Howard       Maintenance 
                                   co-ordinator       765 618-7590

Important Notices:

Anyone requiring a copy of the current Covenants and ByLaws may contact the office manager for a paper copy or the link for the PDF file.

Property Owners Association


Sun Valley Village

  • a Facebook page has been created, www.facebook.com/sunvalleyvillage.texas. everyone is welcome to use it post comments, add photos and pass on information. check it out!
  • Water meters are normally read the last week in March, September & December and the quarterly dues & utility billings will be out as of the 1st of the following month. Please check to see that your water meter is clear of debris and is easily accessible. The Board will be assessing a monetary fine for any violators. If there is any water in your meter pit, check to see if you have a leak in your water service & arrange to have it repaired. This could result in excess water charges on your next bill. Contact Butch for assistance.